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Thank you for being one of our valued clients! Our goal is to provide the best experience for you to ensure quality installations & accurate scheduling. Please accurately fill out info & follow protocols listed below to help insure a smooth process thus keeping your scheduled appointments on-time! If you have any questions please contact our scheduling department

651-483-6080 | [email protected]

*please note:  appointments scheduled under 24 hours in advance may not be accepted and will be subject to a "rush" fee    
Your Name or Auto Dealership
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*confirm appointment day of before 9am by phone or email 651-483-6080 | [email protected]

*9am- 12pm (please stage cleaned vehicle inside at least 10 mins before scheduled install time)
12:30pm-4pm (please stage cleaned vehicle inside at least 10 mins before scheduled install time)

*Please be specific: Who will have keys? Where will vehicle be when we arrive? 

Please note by checking these boxes you are agreeing to stated protocols.
***If these protocols are not met the installation will not be warrantied at all and will be noted on invoices.

*Please select to confirm you and your staff understand and will follow thru with the protocols listed below
        -Accurate Scheduling
       -Contact to confirm vehicle is in your possession and ready for installation
       -Vehicle is cleaned and parked *INSIDE in a clean well lit location
       -Provide an R.O.# via email on the day of prior to appointment time block
       -DO NOT wash vehicle for 72hrs after installation

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